Colette Bourgoin

Colette Bourgoin, is a multi-media artist specialising in ceramic art, painting, drawing and sculpture. She is a member of the Gladstone Clayworks Coop and founded Cobo Studio in 2011.

Colette studied visual arts at University of Moncton and University of Ottawa. During a three year stay in Senegal, she studied African pottery techniques with renowned Senegalese Potter Alpha Sow and also at Lycée Technique Industriel Maurice de Lafosse. Amongst other art related occupations, she was Director/Curator of a National Exhibition Center in New Brunswick, Programs Coordinator for the New Brunswick College of Crafts and Design, and more recently, Communications Officer for the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

Colette spent many years researching techniques and developing her original style with clay, which is based on an organic mixed media approach to art. Her designs challenge conventions by presenting pieces that are aesthetic and utilitarian from a spiritual perspective.

To create her signature pieces, Colette uses alternative firing techniques that come from as far away as Japan and China such as Raku and Saggar. She is constantly striving to perfect and acquire non-traditional techniques, which makes every firing a treasure chest to be revealed.

Colette teaches hand-building, throwing for beginners, drawing and multi-media art.

Colette can be contacted at

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