Isobel Salole

Isobel Salole

Isobel Salole’s Biography

Born in London, England, Isobel Salole immigrated to Canada in 1973. Arriving from central London with her then husband – a physician – and a three week old baby, they settled in a rural Saskatchewan town of 650 people. Despite considerable culture shock, she began to explore various crafts, in particular batik and tie-dyeing fabrics and making them into wearable clothes. Her interest in clay was initiated by a local Saskatchewan potter who spent 10 years apprenticing and living in Japan as a potter. Randy Woolsey’s summer course was inspiring and impacting, but development of working with clay for Isobel would lie many years in the future. Parenting her two sons, assisting her physician husband at the clinic, and furthering her education as a medical social worker took precedence.

A move to Ottawa in 1987 opened up many new horizons in terms of work as a social worker but with greater access to classes, Isobel began exploring her new interest in painting at The Ottawa School of Art. After many years, this interest expanded to an investigation of working with clay.   Classes and workshops followed, resulting in membership at Gladstone Clayworks Pottery Coperative in Ottawa. Isobel delights in pursuing her passion for mainly hand built sculptural and functional ceramic pieces.

She recently completed the 15 week intensive Ceramics Certificate at Haliburton School of Fine Arts in Ontario. This expanded her knowledge of ceramic techniques and processes immensely which she intends to share in upcoming teaching classes.

She lives in Ottawa with her partner, Gerry Giuliani. Her two sons live in Calgary and Los Angeles and she has one grandson. She still works part-time both as a hospital social worker and as a ceramic artist.

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