Sarah Dobbin

functional and experimental pottery

instagram – clay.addicted
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Sarah’s work aims to unite the visual, technical and tactile nature of clay, using a combination of wheel throwing and select hand-building techniques. Decoration is an integral part of the process – the forms and textures that are created in her work are integrated from the beginning of the creation of a piece. Finished works while functional, often retain a rawness, and a controlled randomness that remind us of its’ origins from nature, and earth and its transformation in fire.

Sarah started her artistic career early, working with a variety of media including paint, charcoal and sculpture. She studied at the Carleton University School of Industrial design, which led to an award-winning career that spanned more than a decade, A class in hand-building, wheel throwing and raku firing with Hanna Back, piqued her interest in the art, craft and expression possible with clay. Several years later, Sarah found herself taking classes, with various local potters including Steven Sanger.

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