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We are a collective studio space; membership involves participating in the work and pleasure of keeping the studio. Members do the work of taking care of the space, loading and firing kilns, mixing glazes, organizing shows in the gallery, cleaning the bathroom, replacing the clay trap in the sink, and the administrative work involved in the co-op. We also have a lot of camaraderie, and benefit from working together as potters with a wide range of interests and styles.

We are currently at full capacity with 25 members. If you would like to be added to our membership waiting list, please download and fill out our questionnaire and email it to the membership coordinator.

We offer a 3 month trial period at $140 per month.

After 3 months there is a one-time $100 registration fee to become a full co-op member in addition to the $140 per month.

Members have 24 hour access to the studio with no limit on how many hours they can spend potting.

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