Ayesh Kanani

I work with functional forms exploring bold pattern design and contrasting textures.

Carol Lim

As a clay artist and with a background in interior designer, I enjoy creating hand built functional and non-functional decorative pieces and sculptural work.

Elizabeth Davies

I create classic, hand-thrown ceramics that serve as a canvas for abstract surface design. Elegant yet functional, my pieces will add beauty to your home.

Iris Arnon – Ceramic artist and mixed media painter

My designs explore form and surface. I hand build sculptural pieces with clay in an expressive style.

Isobel Salole

I enjoy working with different clay bodies and surface techniques as I explore the seemingly endless possibilities of clay.

Janet Hofstetter

I enjoy experimenting with ceramic solutions to some of life’s small problems. Most often, this leads to ceramic pieces that are functional. Sometimes, they serve more than one purpose.

Sarah Dobbin

She works using a variety of techniques from wheel-throwing to hand-building, electric to raku and wood firing.

Sinjin Dixon-Warren

I have a fascination for all aspects of the ceramics process, and draw on my chemistry background to inform my craft. I am focused on functional ware thrown on the wheel, but I also love handbuilding.