Ayesh Kanani


Pronouns: they/them

Ayesh works with functional forms exploring bold pattern design and contrasting textures. Over the years, they have built a dedicated practice that focuses on honoring the material and traditional practice while also experimenting and creating new possibilities with clay.

They are continuing with independent studies, mentorship through Arts Network Ottawa and Gladstone Clayworks, taking local workshops, and sharing their skills. They are passionate about advancing underrepresented voices in ceramic arts, reducing barriers to access opportunities, and supporting clay mastery.

Ayesh is a recent recipient of the City of Ottawa 2020 Youth in Culture Grant, and an accepted exhibitor for the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery for Fall 2021. For both projects, they are exploring identity, race and culture. Through their work, they are also challenging expectations of form and functionality while looking more closely at systems of valuation, respectability, and consumption.

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