Elizabeth Davies


I create classic, hand-thrown ceramics that serve as a canvas for abstract surface design. Elegant yet functional, my pieces will add beauty to your home: on your counter, a dresser, or diningroom table. In my designs, I aim to evoke shorelines, those ever-shifting places where land meets the sea, as on the African beaches where I spent so much of my youth.

Through my creative process, I seek to push the transformative limits of the clay. I intentionally distort the symmetry of my thrown pieces by forcing the sides into an undulating wave. Next, I add depth and movement by layering contrasting glazes onto the surface. As the glazes flow and meld in the heat of the kiln, my designs take form, reminiscent of the play of light and water at the ocean’s shore. I offer these unique pieces as a modern, lively interpretation of traditional ware to use, enjoy, and cherish.

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