Sinjin Dixon-Warren

I began my serious exploration of clay in the late 1980’s in a night class at Central Technical High School in Toronto, while pursuing a PhD in physical chemistry at the U of T. I have long since moved on from physical chemistry, but 30 years later I continue to be passionate about working with clay.

I have a fascination for all aspects of the ceramics process, and I suppose my chemistry background comes into play. It pleases me to think that pottery is something people have been making for at least 10,000 years. I am most focused on functional ware thrown on the wheel, but I also love handbuilding. One of my unique offerings is a series of handbuild ceramic bird houses. I am a member of the Ottawa Guild of Potters and participate in the annual Christmas sale. Recently, I have started sharing my years of experience by teaching introductory pottery at Gladstone Clayworks Cooperative.

Sinjin Dixon-Warren’s Gallery