Beginners & Intermediate Pottery Class – May 16 – July 4 2017

Beginners /Intermediate Pottery
Instructor: Susan Roston
May 16 – July 4 2017
Time 6PM – 9PM

Cost: $315.00

Clay: $35.00 per bag and is purchased at time of class. (This fee includes Glazing and both firings plus my 12% Studio payment)

Starter tool packs: $25.00. As we have some tools we may not always have all of them, they can also purchase at class time. Please indicate if you wish to purchase one before the start date.


*A $150.00 refund will be issued after the first class or within 48 hours of cancelation of the second week only. This refund does not include the cost of clay as described above under “Fees”

Missed classes. Due to timing, classes cannot be made up. Please speak to me beforehand.

In this class you will learn the basics and having fun (and a little drink if you so desire) at the same time. Get ready to get MUDDY in a relaxed class that will stimulate your brain

Week 1: Studio orientation, demonstration on wedging, centering, throwing and removing clay from wheel head, you will then throw.

Week 2 to 6: Centering, learning how to make different shapes time spent trimming leather hard pieces and using different techniques including some hand building techniques to spruce up your work….. As the weeks goes on you will learn at your own pace and figure out the technique you like the best.

Week 7: Last trimming day. I will then load and do the first firing.

Week 8: Last class will be spent on Glazing and I will discuss glazing as the week’s progress,

*A time will be set up during class so you can come pick up your finished pieces, everyone will come together so we can discuss the finished ARTWORKS and you can also give me any feedback on the class. Yes there is a small form to fill out

That’s it for now, if you have any questions beforehand just email me.


If class is full, please email us to be added to the waiting list.

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